This is the patient-led website run by kidney cancer patients and carers purely for the benefit of other patients, carers and their families.
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The Kidney Cancer Support Network has been created to help kidney cancer patients, families and friends join together and offer information, advice and friendship to each other, either by registering on our Support Network map or by posting news and views on our Patient Forum.

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financial contributions from members have made this website possible. Read more >>
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Patient Forum
We’ve set up a Patient Forum so that you are able to ‘talk’ online to other people who have faced a similar life changing diagnosis of kidney cancer. There you will meet other people who understand what you are going through and will be able to offer help, advice, information and friendship. You can register here.

Rose Woodward, Julia Black
Kidney Cancer Support Network

Support Network
Our Support Network map shows where kidney cancer patients and carers live. Click on the map to find people near you. To appear on the map yourself, register through our Patient Forum
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PCT Drug Funding Advice
You’ll find lots of advice here on how to apply for NHS funding from your local health authority. In England that will be a Primary Care Trust (PCT), in Wales and Scotland, a Local Health Board (LHB). There are several template letters, useful guides and other documents to download.